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223 N. Weber St.

Colorado Springs, CO

Apollo Hair Center


You'll love being able to communicate with stylists who truly understand your situation

Discuss options for hair replacement units with our talented stylists who will be dedicated to helping you learn about hair loss, effective hair products, and hair loss replacement options.


Schedule an appointment at Apollo Hair Center for a custom consultation to determine the reasons for your hair loss or issues related to the thinning of your hair.


Established in 1979, our stylists provide hair styling services and custom hair systems to both men and women.



Thick, Flowing, Beautiful

Hair Again!

In Kelly's own words, It wasn't always that way.


"I suffered for years with my hairloss, Just finding a style that covered the loss became an exhausting daily challenge. Out of desperation I've tried every product I could find but the results were always disappointing.

Now I have the hair I could only dream about during those years when I have discovered Apollo, I knew I'd never again be at the mercy of unwanted hairloss, they gave me choices and a great head of hair again."

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When you visit Apollo Hair Services, you'll be surprised with the amount of empathy and comfort you receive from our mature stylists. Our unique selection of innovative hair products can help you improve the health of your hair and address issues with hair loss or hair breakage.