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Apollo Hair Center


Become more educated about hair loss causes and solutions

If you or someone you know are suffering with hair loss or hair thinning issues, you should make a FREE consultation with our hair loss specialists. Find out why you may be having issues with your hair and discover options that can help you become happier about the way your hair looks.

Relax in our comfortable, environmentally friendly salon in Colorado Springs

Some hairstylists may not understand your needs since you have to deal with hair loss or thinning on a daily basis. Our kind, well-trained stylists will ensure you receive the support you need to find effective products and flattering hairstyles that will help you look and feel your best.


Call to speak to our cordial and knowledgeable hair replacement experts to find out how you can have natural looking hair.


Apollo Hair Center has the answers for your active lifestyle.  We are dedicated to helping men and women find the custom solutions for your hair loss needs.


•One of the leading Hair Replacement/Hair-Loss practices, with more than 160 locations worldwide

•Our owners have more than 35 years’ experience in the industry

•Ongoing research & development with real clients

•Non-surgical, permanent answers available

•Treatment programs to slow down, stop, and even reverse hair loss for qualified candidates

•Free consultation in a professional, caring environment

•Your privacy and anonymity are assured


Find simple solutions to your hair loss or hair thinning problems

Don't miss out on working with friendly, experienced stylists who provide services to men and women.


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