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223 N. Weber St.

Colorado Springs, CO

Apollo Hair Center


When you visit Apollo Hair Center, our experienced stylists will only use quality hair products that have been proven to work. Receive personal product recommendations that will help you revitalize your hair and help you to achieve the hair of your dreams. Products are offered that can be used on your natural hair as well as on custom hair replacement units.

Hair solution products

Schedule a FREE consultation with one of our experienced hairstylists. Find out which products will work best to help you reach your hair goals.


Don't worry, you'll always receive personal attention when you visit our clean and cozy salon for hair services.


Our stylists can handle your hair with ease, regardless of whether

your hair is straight, curly, or wavy.  

• Hair unit tapes

• Brushes

• Conditioners

• Apollo hair products

• Ces-Cheveux Thick It

• Ces-Cheveux color friendly shampoo

You'll be happy to receive recommendations for products that

really work

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