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Colorado Springs, CO

Apollo Hair Center


Schedule an appointment at Apollo Hair Center for a custom consultation to determine the reasons for your hair loss or issues related to the thinning of your hair.


Established in 1979, our stylists provide hair styling services and custom hair systems to both men and women.

Are you tired of not participating in events, because you've lost confidence in the way your hair looks?

Visit our locally owned salon for unique hair replacement solutions

You no longer have to deal with the stress related to your hair loss alone

Men's hair replacement

Do you hate windy days - because of what the wind does to your hairstyle?

Are you sick and tired of being the target of every bald joke told?

Do you find yourself wearing a cap or hat, because it's easier than making your hair look as good as it used to?

Are you tired of people guessing your age to be ten or even 15 years more than it is?

Are you worried about how your hair will look if you go swimming or waterskiing?

Have you lost a promotion to someone younger than you? Someone that still had a full head of hair?

Have you seen a photograph or home video of yourself lately, and found you didn't even recognize yourself?



apollo hair

•     One of the leading Hair Replacement/Hair-Loss practices, with more than 160 locations worldwide

•     Our owners have more than 35 years’ experience in the industry

•     Ongoing research & development with real clients

•     Non-surgical, permanent answers available

•     Treatment programs to slow down, stop, and even reverse hair loss for qualified candidates

•     Free consultation in a professional, caring environment

•     Your privacy and anonymity are assured

Apollo Hair Center offers: